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About Us.

The Balcony Shisa & Chill is an upmarket Shisanyama (Grill) and pub. The concept is unique in that we offer a relaxed restaurant environment in a surburban location where we are able to give you the Kasi style Shisanyama and traditional foods and a modern pub which serves up a variety of drinks. The restaurant is spacious and can house up to 300 people comfortable seated. The Balcony lends itself beautifully as a venue for themed events, corporate events, family gathering and birthday celebrations. 

Our Shisa & Chill.

Good food. Good vibes. Good people.

The Balcony Shisa & Chill, deliver an unparalleled mix of attention to detail, flawless service, sumptuous cuisine and some of the best bluesy/jazz,  old and new school hit sounds on nightly basis.

At The Balcony we blend a unique African culinary experience with exceptional service excellence. We offer a relaxed and homely ambience, contemporary decor, art and plants plus an amazing view from the balcony which is perfect for that weekend selfie with friends.

The Balcony is a vibrant gourmet and upmarket restaurant serving mouth- watering Shisanyama and traditional meals from different countries accompanied by local wines, designer cocktails and many other alcoholic beverages. We go an extra mile to serve authentic traditional foods from South Africa and many other modern meals.

The Spot

The Balcony Shisa and Chill is an occasional venue for private functions but overall, the perfect spot for Sunday sundowners in Johannesburg with relaxed music playing  in the background. 

We cater to people from all walks of life offering hearty gourmet and traditional meals, where previously, people had to drive to Soweto to sample such meals, we offer those Kasi meals in the suburbs. We partner with wine & spirit brands, big and small to deliver an exquisite customer experience.

The Balcony has brought a welcome diversity and variety at the Rock Cottage shopping centre in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg, while complimenting the other establishments already there.  We are busy building up a strong digital marketing drive that will ensure that The Balcony Shisa & Chill is a destination for anyone who come to Johannesburg. Come, let us take you on a culinary journey from the comfort of our balcony with relaxing views.

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Our Core Values

The Core Values of The Balcony Shisa & Chill are what we believe to be the foundation of our organization. We believe they are the organizing principles that provide us with the vision and guidance needed to continually strive for the Success of our organization and our People. Our Core Values not only describe what is important to The Balcony Shisa & Chill, they also identify the desired behaviors we ask of our team members every day.

Renowned Chefs

Meet The Taste Experts

Our strengths lie in our exceptional service; delicious and exquisitely plated food prepared by our world travelled & renowned Executive Chef Banele, who brings in a vast hospitality industry experience acquired in South Africa, America & Europe.